When will Dark Sky support my country?

Dark Sky only works in the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) and the British Isles, but we want to expand our coverage. The biggest obstacle is getting access to the radar networks in other countries – both from a technical and legal standpoint – which is something we’re actively investigating. Fill out this form and we’ll tell you when Dark Sky supports your country.

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Turning on notifications makes the "location services" appear in my status bar. Is Dark Sky killing my battery? What’s going on?

We wrote a post on our blog that thoroughly explains these issues: Notifications. Please give it a read before writing in.

How do I delete a city from the history listing?

Touch the entry in the listing and swipe your finger to the right: a delete button will appear.

When are you going to add an Android version? …a Windows Phone version? …a desktop version?

Our development time right now is 100% focused on improving the iOS app, increasing prediction accuracy, and bringing Dark Sky to other countries. So we are not actively working on Android or Windows Phone versions, but if you fill out this form we'll let you know when we have something ready for you…

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